16th October 2014, KUALA LUMPUR – Goldbury Communications Sdn Bhd, (“Goldbury”), a Malaysian and MSC Status company specializing in the niche area of IT Automotive which serves the local and international automotive companies has announced their commitment as an Entry Point Project ("EPP") under the Economic Transformation Programme (“ETP”) by the Performance Management Delivery Unit (“PEMANDU”).

This is to be aligned with the government objectives which is to produce a home-grown globally competitive outsourcing company. Goldbury, also a SAP Partner, has setup a 24/7, 365 days a year, Global IT Automotive Outsourcing Hub in Medini Iskandar, Nusajaya, Johor to facilitate the application management support (“AMS”), project outsourcing, offshore development, research and development, recruitment and technical support. The hub is aiming to employ 450 consultants and knowledge workers for the next 5 years.

The decision to setup the Global IT Automotive Outsourcing Hub in Medini Iskandar is considering its strategic location and facilities together with the strong dynamic synergies and support from i2M Ventures Sdn Bhd, a wholly own subsidiary of Khazanah which were responsible in alluring Goldbury to come to Medini.

Goldbury, albeit being new in the industry, is at par with other big key industrial players with the existence of in-house SAP Industry Solution (IS) Automotive experienced and skilled consultants and Subject Matter Experts (“SME”).

Goldbury’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Zuhri bin Mohamed Yusof said “Our vision is to groom and produce highly skilled and competent SAP consultants in Malaysia primarily in the SAP IS Automotive field. This is to overcome the resource shortage that the industry is facing to date”.

Recognising the need for more local SAP experts, the company had launched an initiative called Goldbury Enhancement Training Programme (“GETPRO”) in May 2014. The training helps to upskill fellow Malaysian specifically in SAP IS Auto as well as their hard-skills and soft-skills to ensure the readiness to serve the global market.

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