Global Business Services and SSO

Outsourcing non-core operations out to organisations that specialise in that function can help companies realise higher efficiencies, relevant subject matter expertise and most importantly, reduced costs by placing their resources into their core competencies. Organisations around the world have been using shared services and outsourcing to augment their business needs, such as improving service delivery and efficiency, and yet, keep costs reduced, for over two decades now.

In fact, for many, it has defined parts of their businesses. As markets mature and business landscapes change, organisations in the lead are now looking towards taking the next step – the implementation of Global Business Services. This provides for an integration of governances, locations and business practices to all shared services and outsourcing activities. This paradigm shift to Global Business Services represents a pivotal restructuring of the way businesses today think about and manage shared services and outsourcing, which pays off satisfyingly when done correctly.

How is Malaysia/Iskandar Malaysia Relevant?



Source: MSC Malaysia Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) Local Business Services Directory, 1st Edition, 2015